Investment Property Loans

Quick Financing for Your Next Opportunity

Are you eyeing that perfect fixer-upper down the street or a charming duplex that screams potential? Investment property loans are your fast-track ticket to seizing these lucrative opportunities. Here’s how they pave the way for your success in the bustling real estate market.

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What Are Investment Property Loans?

What Exactly Are They?
An investment property loan is a specialized type of mortgage designed exclusively for purchasing non-primary residence properties. These loans cater to those aiming to generate income through rent or to those looking to turn a profit by renovating and selling properties — commonly known as flipping.

Ideal Candidates for Investment Property Loans

  • House Flippers: With a sharp eye for potential and a penchant for transformation, house flippers benefit significantly from the agility of investment property loans.
  • Rental Income Investors: If you’re looking to expand your portfolio with residential or commercial properties that promise steady rental yields, these loans could be your golden ticket.
  • Real Estate Entrepreneurs: Seasoned or budding entrepreneurs in the real estate market will find these loans to be tailored tools for their trade.
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How Does It Work?

These aren’t regular home loans. Investment property loans focus on properties that won’t be your primary residence but rather sources of rental income or flipping projects.

How Our Investment Property Loans Stand Out


When a property hits the market, timing is everything. Our investment property loans are structured for quick closings, ensuring you never miss out on a hot prospect. Always updated and ready to serve your financing needs.


Unlike traditional home loans, we understand that investment properties come with unique challenges and opportunities. Our loan structures are flexible to accommodate the unexpected turns of real estate investments.

Hard Money Loans

For those looking to get in and out of a property within a short span, our hard money loans are an ideal solution. With terms typically up to three years, they’re perfect for swift buy-and-sell scenarios.

Simplified Loan Process

With backing from private lenders and small banking institutions, the loan process becomes straightforward


Fill out a simple application.


Submit minimal required documentation.


Receive your loan within 5-15 days.

Qualifying Made Easy

  • Valid state ID.
  • Residential or commercial property ownership.
  • Minimum 35% equity in the property.
  • A copy of your homeowner’s insurance.
  • No income proof like tax returns or paystubs.
  • For the senior community: A competency letter from a physician may be required.

Our Loan Advantages

  • Swift cash-out process.
  • Acceptance of low credit scores, bankruptcy, and foreclosure.
  • Loan amounts ranging from $100k to $5M.
  • Competitive rates between 7.99% to 12.99%.
  • Eligibility includes AirBnB’s, rental properties, and commercial entities.

Property Criteria

  • Maximum loan amount up to 65% of the property’s value.
  • Only for Investment Properties, unless a primary residence is used for business purposes.
  • Eligible properties: Condos, townhomes, single-family homes, apartments, and commercial buildings.

Ready to Leverage Your Real Estate?

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Experience seamless financial solutions tailored for your needs.

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