California Hard Money Loan Programs

Our Hard Money Loan Programs Are Tailored To Your Every Need in California

California Hard Money Loans for Real Estate by Private Money Specialists

Looking for hard money loans in California? Private Money Specialists is here to help! They offer hard money loans for both homes and businesses. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a house to live in or an office space for your business; they have a loan for you. Private Money Specialists have been giving out different types of hard money loans in California for a long time. The best part? Our loans are quick and easy to get!

bridge loans

A bridge loan is a short-term loan used in both commercial and residential real estate. This loan is often the best option to borrow against a property quickly.

commercial loans

This loan is great for business owners and property investors who want to acquire commercial property but don’t necessarily meet SBA’s stringent criteria.

second third mortgages

This isn’t a traditional second mortgage. This loan allows for no income verification, bad credit, and quick cash out.

foreclosure bailout loans

There are loan options available for property owners who want avoid foreclosure or use your equity get current or create more options.

probate and estate loans

This loan is used for pulling equity or cash out from a inherited property. Worry-free Qualification 

residential business purpose loans

Business owners can pull cash out of their current residence or investment property. No income documentation, No asset information needed

fix and flip loans

Flippers of all levels use this loan to acquire their next Rehab or Flip. This option covers most of the Purchase price and all of the construction costs.

investment property loans

These types of loans have guidelines to help investors at all levels qualify for financing.
Some of these programs include: 
No Income and Bank documentation

standard home loan

Also known as “Traditional Home Loans” these mortgages are best for homeowners and buyers.
FHA , VA,  FannieMae, and FreddieMac loans fall in this category.

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